Monday, October 18, 2010

Ye obsessed with White People?

I was put on to this article a little earlier today. Don't really know what to make of it, but nonetheless it's a decent conversation piece. Read the rest of the article here at the BVX.

Still, Ye never relinquished the role of the quasi-nerd who never gets the prom queen because she only dates jocks. He's since become a jock, but he no longer seeks merely to win the prom queen, but rather to run the whole prom court . In doing so, he's become infatuated with the old (exclusively white) boys club, which runs the courts of hubris, pomp, privilege and capital -- social and financial capital and arguably more of the former.

His apology to Taylor Swift signified a certain racial deference, given that there was no Tweeted "sorry" also to Janet Jackson, the person who was supposed to be the center of attention at that year's VMAs for her moving tribute to her deceased King of Pop brother -- all of which was overshadowed by West's antics.

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