Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Off With HIS head???? Hmm...

Complex in its realness and simplicity. C'Mon Son. This week has been crazy as far as the other perspectives I've been exposed to, so I decided to put this up just to show how complex one can get without using vocabulary that not everyone understands. The more effective a communicator one is, the fewer words he/she has to use.

With the same song they knight you they gonna good night you with /'s only half if they like you /
that ain't even the half of what they might do /
don't believe me? Ask Michael /
See Martin see Malcolm... /
See Biggie see Pac... see success in its outcome /
See Jesus see Judas /
See Caesar see Brutus /
See success is like a suicide...suicide it's a suicide /
When you succeed prepare to be crucified /
Media meddles.../
niggas sue you, you'll settle /
Every step you take they remind you you're ghetto /
So it's tough being Bobby Brown /
To be Bobby then you gotta be Bobby now /
Now the question is: Is to have had and lost better than not having at all? Because dawg..."Most Kingz Get their Head cut off..."

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