Monday, August 31, 2009

JAY-Z & J- COLE Star is Born

My favorite leak so far.
People who are hating on the other songs have to listen closer. The man still has out of this world word play. Listen to Jay like he's teaching an AP class and these other cats are just a real tough teacher in a normal class. You have to dig a little deeper to get the best stuff.

Plus J-Cole is doing his thing.

Download Star Born Cole mp3

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Wyclef Jean-Streets Pronounce Dead

Who Go Harder than This Right Now? Surprised me Too!

Download Wyclef Jean Streets Pronounce Dead 2dope mp3

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

100 Miles and Annunciating...Yay...

Haha...ok I had to get that out first before I deliver the news. Noreaga, America's favorite super thug, is urging us all to participate in the 100 Miles and Running challenge. Check out the video the know you're a gangsta when you plan on running 100 miles and you never ever weight lift to train your legs.


Friday, the world lost one of the most widely respected turntablists in the game point blank period. A lot people weren't aware of what he accomplished or even who he was. While his untimely death is quite unfortunate, use this as an opportunity to find out more about his craft that he shared with the world, and how much of a beast he really was on the tables and in the business room.

Click here for MTV's article tracking thoughts of him through the eyes of Just Blaze, Stretch Armstrong, Premiere, Khaled, Drama, and Rich Medina.

AM just brought a crazy energy to his parties," Just Blaze agreed. "The way he'd put together the perfect blends of hip-hop, rock, dance and so many other genres is what gave him such a mass appeal. He was one of the few DJs that knew how to cross genres and boundaries without losing the crowd. That's one of the hardest things to do as a DJ. You please one part of the crowd, and then end up losing another. He knew how to keep the energy at 10 for the entire night..."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to the Topic with Killa Cole

J. Cole just posted another freestyle via his blog and twitter. I'm posting it, so it's definitely worth a listen. Actually, it's pretty damn good so click on this link now.

"Basic hoes, toss em out / can't even get Waffle House"

SMH...Waffle House is like literally 3 dollars...damn. By the way, they have a twitter account check it out on their website for free coupons.

Exclusively Atkins???

As if we weren't fat enough...problem is...We'll probably all try it. They really tried to substitute up is probably water. SMH Anyways, check out the video below and click here for the Huffington Post article.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chelsea, Bodega, & Adidas OH MY

Chelsea FC, Bodega, and Adidas knocking you all upside the head with this Insanely Intense 3 hit combo that is a very exclusive package at this point. Bodega will be selling this out of its store for $279...a pretty penny, but definitely worth it considering the exclusivity, and the amount of things that come with it. Check it all out here.

Free 99...Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Oh Em Gee...J&R's 15th Annual MUSICFEST is this week.

It starts today August 27th and ends Sunday August 30th. Everybody's going to be in town. Some of the artists include Mario, T.O.K., Clipse, Melinda Watts, KRS-1 and Buckshot, and Roy Hargrove! Everyone, this is something you do not want to miss. What a wonderful way to cap off the Free 99 tour of the summer.

For the official page with schedules and locations, click here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loofa Vandraws

I was browsing through Hypem when I stumbled upon Binary Ent.'s blog. They found this Luther Vandross electro joint amongst their myspace friends, and he's a Swedish producer by the name of Odahl. Needless to say, I like it a lot. Otherwise it wouldn't be shared with you and everyone else

The song is a remix of Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much". Luther is the shit, and his silky vocals are always great, but Odahl really builds upon them here

For the original post, click here.

The direct link to the song is right here, so give it a listen!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ong Bak 2

The movie voted number 35 on Complex' top 50 action movies of all time, Ong Bak, has a prequel coming out with more swords, elephants, and knees to the head than ever before. Check out the trailer below.

We Got it 4 Cheap...sike

So...PS3 is nowww...drum roll pleeease...$299. I honestly don't know what to say about that except that it's about time. The Wii and 360 can still be purchased for less.

"The most important figures are 2...9...& 9. In case you haven't figured out what that figure means, that's the price. This version of Playstation 3 will be available at 299, $299 in the United States, and ¥29,980 in Japan..."-Spokesperson-

Actually the most important thing you didn't figure was that we, the consumers, are not stupid. It's probably no coincidence that the further from the Japan it is the higher the price, but I'm still paying the same price in NY as in Cali. Joke's on the left coast and the Europeans I guess...whatever

Friday, August 14, 2009

Block Party and Bass Safari

I know you probably don't know, so it's my duty to make you aware of Mad Decent's annual block party. This event is BANANAS. Free music, food, gifts, and fun. is not always free, but it is when the Mad Decent crew has its block parties in Philly on 12th and Spring Garden. Last year there was a crazy water fight too, so if you want to relive your life as a ToysRus kid, go cop that good Super Soaker. the night creeps up on everyone in the Philadelphia area, heads will be migrating to Bass Safari at 941 N. Front St.

Get the tickets for $10 at Sub Division or pay $13 at the door

Tameil, Sega, Flufftronix, Toadally Crossed Out, Dirty South Joe, Gun$ Garcia...and much more will be in the building.


Tonight, August 14th, Mad Decent, The Rub, Fool's Gold and more will be holding a party down in Chinatown. $10 at the door and $7 if you RSVP at Flashing Lights. DJ Ayres and Nick Catchdubs will be playing the tunes, and there will also be other musical performances like the debut of Mad Decent's own Toadally Crossed Out. Good times are about to happen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slaughter's in the House

Hip-Hop's newest lyrical super group, Slaughterhouse, will be invading NYC tomorrow night at the Canal Room on 285 W Broadway. Their self titled album went up on the shelves today, and packs a fair amount of punch. These dudes are too lyrical, competitive, and big headed to let another man outshine him on a track, and this makes for a fulfilling album that is otherwise very dark, twisted, and cold.

Click Here to buy tickets

Obama > Felix the Cat

"President Barack Obama reminds me of Felix the Cat. One of the best-loved cartoon characters of the 1920s, Felix was not only black. He was also very, very lucky. And that pretty much sums up the 44th president of the US as he takes a well-earned summer break after just over six months in the world's biggest and toughest job." -- Niall Ferguson of the Financial Times

I can't decide if this just obtuse, or an out of left field analogy that some may construe as being apt. A man that has worked his way from a middle of the road upbringing to POTUS can't be written off as lucky. Should Niall Ferguson be compared to Peter Griffin because he's dumb and white? I think not.

Serengeti Magic

Keith Olbermann gives Sarah Palin the business.

"There is no 'death panel.' There is no judgment based on societal productivity. There is no worthiness test. But there is downright evil, and Ms. Palin, you just served its cause,"

Ocho Looccoooo

Ok, there was a hiatus, but I'm back for good now...Thanks to Going I can let you know all about the ocho loco deal at Timeout NY is giving the public UNLIMITED 88cent vodka cocktails on Wednesday August 12th between 6:30 and 7:30PM.

Location: 340 W 50th St.

Contact: (646)871-1730

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wifey 4 Lifey??

So here's a Shade45 interview with Ghost himself talking about growth in reference to life and the music. He also touches on hoes and wifing them...a grand subject amongst men worldwide.

How can I be guilty?..."How can I G guilty? You be pimpin' strong, but comin home to sheets that be filthy..."-Dr. Dre-