Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Throwback for Thursday

In this crazy summer where I just experienced a 105 degree Saturday followed by a Sunday full of torrential down pour, I figured we all could use a pick me up. If this doesn't get you off your behind, your soul is in dire need of cleansing.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ok, Lupe did more on this track than Jeezy and Officer Ricky combined. Therefore, no one else should use this beat to rhyme over. Thank You.

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Whole Train

So yea, as all of the people know who check this thing out...I love to watch movies and love me some Hip-Hop. So what better than a trailer about bombing? It's won some awards and looks like a decent film. Hopefully, it'll blow up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stories by Mr. White

Ok, so a whole lot has happened during this hiatus and one would logically assume...Anyways...during the break I got myself shin deep in New York Hip-Hop working for Brooklyn Bodega. In my time spent over there I met a whoooole lot of people. One of them goes by the name Celso, and he's got a neat blog up where he conducts interviews sharing different people's stories.

I've always found stuff like this interesting. Many times I've found myself navigating the streets of NY wondering what random pedestrian's actions led to them walking in front of me at the very moment. Everyone's got a story to tell, and most people don't mind sharing if they've got the time. Celso knows this, and captures them quite well. Check out Celso's Stories right here

Most Improved Award goes to...

Honestly, I understand where Khaled's coming from...but no. I can't say that these dudes in his list aren't talented, but a large majority of them are already at the top of their game. The most notable acknowledgments given are with his mentioning of Officer Ricky...that is all. Fat Joe could've been on this list a minute ago...maybe...definitely not now. His break out record as a "rapper" was "New York".

If anything, all this "article" shows me is how dated it is and how limited his range is. You can only improve but so much when you're any of the dudes he mentioned. The most progress they could make in my humble opinion is with their content. Most lyricists who reach the level of the artists mentioned in the article are technically sound, but more often than not choose to rap about the more shallow things in life. Anyways...check out the article for what it's worth. You can't have an article entitled most improved RAPPERS and use the word "hit" at least 8 times.

That being said I do wholeheartedly agree that Rick Ross is one of the most improved rappers as of late.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just saw this funny @$$ parody of Drake and Tim Westwood BKA the Funk Flex of England. I personally don't mind him as a rapper/entertainer. Nonetheless, this joint is hilarious.

Mayweather Dodging more than jabs and hooks

I've been gone for a long long loong time. I need to get back, so I'm here.

Money Mayweather has been displaying his phenomenal elusiveness outside of the ring as of late. Once again he's avoided Pac-Man.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. allowed a deadline for striking a deal on a superfight with Manny Pacquiao to pass without saying anything.

A day later, Mayweather indicated that his stance wouldn't be changing anytime soon.

"I'm not interested in rushing to do anything," Mayweather told The Associated Press.

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