Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dirty Little Ghetto Boys

Gasoline Dream favorite and Hip-Hop legend, Scarface of the Geto Boys, sits down with Vibe Magazine to go over the legacy of his group and his solo catalogue. GREAT stuff that shouldn't be overlooked if you consider yourself a Hip-Hop head.

“I think with anything that you do in life it has to run its course,” Face tells VIBE of his split from his longtime label home and J. Prince. “And I think that my business relationship with Rap-A-Lot has ran its course. I’m not just a rapper anymore. You can’t make me an artist, anymore. It’s time for me to have my own shit. There’s a lot of money in successful independent records. I was totally unaware of that throughout my career by the label. If you put a few million records out and you are making eight bucks a pop, everything is supposed to be everything. I’m supposed to be a part of that money, right? I think with the amount of money independent artists make I wish I would have made the move a little sooner.”

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