Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HIV Positive - AIDS

I stumbled upon this scientifically driven article on the Washington Post website. A lot of times we (myself included) think HIV or AIDS is not that close to home, but I do know someone very very close to me who is infected. He is one of 30.8 Million adults living with the virus according to the international AIDS charity, AVERT.

At first Karen Pancheau figured her son Tyler's nasty rash came from friction on the mats at judo class. But when the rash began dissolving layers of flesh, his father took the teenager for tests, which revealed he had HIV. Karen, too, tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, which she'd apparently acquired from a blood transfusion in June 1982 and to which she'd exposed Tyler during childbirth and breast-feeding. Yet as Tyler's HIV slowly progressed to AIDS, Karen remained healthy...

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