Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baltimore Club & Super Sexy House!

The bad news's been way too long since I've posted here; however, the good news is that I have more than the Pakistani 20 in my wallet that I always carry. Employment and paychecks are two things of which I'm always fond. ANYWAYZ, you all need to check out this group of DJs known as the Rub. It consists of DJs Cosmo Baker, Eleven, and Ayres. Although straight out of NYC, these dudes play rock sets all over the country and world.

This particular mix is a GEM that I thought I lost a while ago, but fortunately found when perusing the library on my old computer. It's all house and bmore mixes that include everyone from Robin Thicke to frat classic Jesse's Girl.

Ok...enough talking...DL one of my favorite mixes here! I guarantee that you won't find it anywhere else since it's 3 years after the fact. Gasoline Dream exclusive I guess.

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