Wednesday, September 8, 2010

15 Most Bragadocious Boasts in that Hippity Hop

Hahaha, ok so as much as we all enjoy our respective genres of music times do arise when things happen that are simply indefensible. Well...that is what this particular article is all about at Cracked. It is the 15 most baffling boasts in the history of rap. Below is one

The Lyrics: "Gap tooth in your mouth so my dick's got ta fit"

Why We're Baffled:

Has an attempt at slander ever backfired as horribly as this? Not only does Dre indicate that his dick can fit between the wide gap in his target's teeth, but seems to imply that his dick fits between even normally spaced teeth (where the extra gap gives him confidence that it's go to fit)

It's not just that he's implying he has a freakishly small penis, it's that he has to be exaggerating how small his penis is for the purpose of the boast. A penis couldn't function as a penis with a thickness of only a sixteenth of an inch. Even if he had dimensions the other way, like if Dre has a roll of six inch-wide penis tape between his legs, it's just medically impossible.

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