Monday, June 1, 2009

48 Hours

To say this weekend was hectic would be an understatement, but it was typical. Three states three stops in 24 hours is not exactly what's up. Nonetheless, me and my people survived. I participated in the 48 hour film festival held annually in cities across the US. Basically, there are a whole bunch of teams that are competing to make the best 4 to 7 minute film under specific guidelines. The teams randomly pick out a genre and gets assigned a character who must be used along with a prop and a line of dialogue. Check out the trailer It all started Friday at 7pm and ended Sunday at 7pm. Afterwards, these shorts will be displayed on the big screen in downtown Manhattan. I participated in this event with Team: Art/Official and the finished product is entitled "John Blue 7" Come through and check it out. Tickets are $10 and your vote counts! Awards will be given out for best costumes, best picture, best writing, best lead male/female, best editing, best special effects etc. Additionally there is the audience choice award where you can all vote for your favorite film.

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